Trouble with the Pidgin IM client and OpenFire

Here’s what happens.

  1. Using Pidgin I try to register a new account
  2. I get a 400 Bad Request error in Pidgin
  3. The warning log show that Pidgin sent from and too
  4. OpenFire doesn’t know what to do with
  5. OpenFire is configured with the domain of “


  1. Connected to another OpenFire server with Pidgin
  2. I was able to register an account
  3. The domain in OpenFire was the same one I used in Pidgin


  1. points to
  2. Everything is on the same IP / Server
  3. I’m planing for future groth / move


  1. Is the problem with Pidgin or OpenFire?
  2. Why does Pidgin work if the domian is the same as the one in OpenFire?
  3. Does OpenFire check DNS for domain / hostname lookup?


Other Jabber clients can register new accounts with my OpenFire server.


I’ve the same problem. Openfire accept only packets send to its xmpp.domain (Openfire property) or foreign domains. But I think since there will never be an account called "" this bug should be related to pidgin. See for the registered pidgin ticket. But I’m not sure if the RFC clearify this enough, maybe Openfire should be more fault-tolerant for packets that are send to the FQDN. I think Openfire check DNS for domain / hostname lookup only for server to server connections.

Best regards.

The attached Patch should fix this problem by adding a ‘from’ attribute to the IQ Stanza with the registration form.
xmpp_registration.patch (701 Bytes)