Troubleshooting user list and other issues and questions

I recently installed Openfire 3.7 and Spark 2.6 onto Windows Server 2008 R2. I’m using LDAP integration. I properly configured my host, base DN, and admin DN. I am able to log into Spark using Active Directory accounts.

I have a few problems/questions:

  1. When I log into Spark, it doesn’t show any of the other users that are currently logged in, or even ones that are offline. Show offline users is checked.
  2. I don’t understand how I’m to configure this to show the users in groups within Spark chat client. When I click the groups tab on the Openfire administrator tool, it shows nothing, and says I can’t not create one because it is read only (pulling from LDAP). I have security groups within my users OU but it’s not using them.
  3. Offline messages are stored in the cache. When they are delivered, are they cleared from the cache?
  4. I had to disable LDAP signing for my domain to get this to work. What is the process involved with creating a certificate to allow signed LDAP communication?
  1. Yes. Offline messages are deleted after they’ve been delivered.