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True Servlet Support for Plugins

Is there an accepted means for adding true web apps/servlets for plugins, beyond just adding .jsp pages to the admin web app? It appears everything is geared towards one web app with forwarding for .jsp extensions through the plugin servlet.

I would like to add a compiled (3rd party) servlet and ideally get a valid servlet context that reflects what is in the plugin web.xml. It appears the only way to do this is start a new jetty Server instance in my plugin’'s initialize and add my own web app? Any better ideas?

We plan to support servlets directly in a future release as described in JM-151. Will that do what you need? If you do need to add a webapp to Jetty directly, you need to call stop() and then start() on the server instance before the new webapp can be accessed.




Thanks for the note. Not sure JM-151 will completely help. Will it be a buildtime or runtime merge of web.xml? Would vote for retaining ability to develop plugin(s) separate of Messenger source, build, build scripts.

Another option might be explicit support for a separate full war and webapp?

For now we are running a separate jetty Server instance on another port intialized by our plugin. Not ideal but moving forward.

Thanks again.