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Truncated Away Messages?

I have been running jabberd-1.4.3 for years. I’'m migrating to a new server and decided to upgrade my Jabber server as well. I installed ejabberd-1.1.3 and was reasonably happy with it. A friend of mine suggested I take a look at Openfire, and I installed it 2 days ago.

I like it a lot, and I have to give a major Bravo to the ease of installation and administration!

I installed the gateway plugin, and enabled AIM and ICQ. Both are working fine.

My one problem appears to be that “Away Messages” from AIM and ICQ users get truncated. Not only that, but it seems they get truncated to an unusually short length. This is true if I hover the mouse over the message in my client, as well as if I “get details” (or get info, depending on the client).

So, it seems to me that it must be happening at the plugin level, or perhaps at the openfire server level.

Is there a setting that can allow me to see all of the away message, regardless of length?

Thanks in advance, and thanks for a wonderful product!

Uhm. Well I can tell you that they’'re not -supposed- to be getting truncated. =D GATE-215

Here’‘s a little more info, in case it helps… The two messages that I’'m noticing this one (both AIM at the moment), are truncated to exactly the same length.

Here are the counts: exactly 58 characters of text that the user typed. Both also show “Away:” and two spaces before hand. So, if you count the 2 spaces (which I doubt the user typed, but AOL might be sending those always), it would seem to me that the “max” away message length is 60 characters.

Perhaps there is a database field where this gets stored in the gateway, the transport, or the main openfire db that has the field max length set to 60?

Just trying to help others help me

Thanks for the quick response to let me know that it “shouldn’'t” behave that way!

I have a similary problem with my sending message (you can see message below)