Trunk version versus release


I downloaded the trunk but when I compared my built swf to the version you released pre-compiled there is a big difference in versions. The pre-compiled version ran much better then the trunk but I still have a couple of bugs but am now unable to debug using the bin-debug version.

Is the trunk out of date and if so when can we expect a updated copy of the source?

Keep up the good work anyway guys


Uh, trunk is newer, not older. It’s a work in progress, and is expected to be broken in various ways a lot of the time.

Oh sorry did not realise. Its bizzare, using the trunk version I have problems with chat rooms and no other issues but with the pre-compiled chat works better (still has a issue though) but the user/groups list has issues.

I would like to get a copy of the older versions source anyway to see what the difference is to help debug. Really keen to help this mature.

The joys of bleeding edge

Yeah, I’m in cleanup mode now, so stuff should get a lot better on trunk over the next few weeks.

How often should I check the trunk or will you be posting when you make a update?

In general, at least once a day. Some days I’ll be working on jive-internal-only stuff though.

There is already a rss feed in fisheye (svn). I’m tracking Spark development this way.