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Trying to connect, without any luck, and there's no logs

I just installed openfire, using the internal database only (no external database, no LDAP, etc.).

Servername: host.rudd.cc

hostname: host.rudd.cc

I created an account with username johnkzin.

I’m using Pidgin (on an ubuntu box), and I’ve given it the following settings:

Username: johnkzin (the username I created on the server)

Domain: host.rudd.cc (the domain and server name that openfire’s admin interface reports)

Resource: Conference (also tried Home, same results)

In advanced, I set the connect server to (the server’s internal, behind the NAT, IP address, because port 5222 isn’t on the NAT server, and host.rudd.cc isn’t exactly recognized), and to allow plain text over unencrypted channels

When pidgin tries to connect, it gets “invalid authzid”. Which such a useful message (but not your fault, just saying).

When I try under Psi (on my mac), I have the following settings:

jabber ID: johnkzin@host.rudd.cc

manually specify server and port (host:, port 5222)

encrypt connction “when available”

ignore SSL warnings

probe legacy ssl port (because I can’t turn it off)

allow plaintext authentication “always”.

That gives me: invalid account information.

But, here’s what’s worse…

OpenFire isn’t generating any logs. At all.

I turned on the debug logging. nothing in the debug log.

I looked in the error log. Nothing in there either.

It would be nice to know what the server side of the equation thinks is going wrong. Anything? hello?

I have checked and re-set passwords multiple times. What gives? And on earth are there no useful account level error message being put in OpenFire’s logs?

THat last part should have asked “where on earth”