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Trying To Find A Solution


I am trying to figure out how to make OpenFire work for this scenario:

  1. I have a set number of groups for a call center. Each group usually contains four people and the group is set up as a call center for a particular region.

  2. The people sitting in a particular group can be sitting in one group today and possibly in another group tomorrow. Usually the people sit in the same groups so they know the area better.

  3. There are times when a person in one group may want another group such as picking up a call on a certain line. However, if a person communicates with that group, only that group should receive the message (I was trying to see if Group Chats would work but because of this requirement, I don’t think they will).

  4. I would like the individuals to add themselves (but no one else) to a shared group so one person doesn’t have to maintain it. Maybe give a couple administrators the ability to move other people around would be nice.

  5. Eventually this may be incorporated in Active Directory but for now, we are just going to use the OpenFire database.

A typical scenario would be: I log into Spark with my credintials. I find that I will be sitting with group 1 today. I add myself to the group 1 shared group. When someone from group 2 communicates with group 1, I get a notification from that person. Group 1 may send messages to themselves to reduce the office chatter as well.

I don’t like this method but it is the only thing that balances out functionality with administrative overhead - Create Group1_User1, Group1_User2, Group1_User3, etc. Assign each “Group1_UserX” to a particular computer since they don’t change. When a user comes in, they sit down at the desk and log in to Spark with the credintials labeled on the system - i.e. Group1_User1 (security for this usage is not critical). The administrator only has to make changes once in a while and it seems this will be the most streame lined for now.

Is there anything that I am missing? The method to put a user into a shared group in the admin pages is not doable - much too time consuming. I did look at Group Chats and thought that was my answer but after working with it, I found there was no way to limit messages just to the moderatores of that group.

Thanks in advanced,