Trying to use a RapidSSL wildcard cert

Hi there,

while I was configuring SSL (referenced the SSL Guide) I became several times insane!!! Last fridays was kinda horror-like because the whole day I tried to make SSL on openfire run…

The facts:

Our SSL certificate was requested to RapidSSL from one of our DMZ machines where an IIS 7.5 is running. After I could access our signed certificate we implemented it into divers services (mostly web) on multiple servers - keep in mind that it’s a wildcard cert (*

On friday I tried lots of different compilations like adding our certificate to the keystore, and the intermediate CA cert into the trust- or keystore. Using different certificate filetypes, formats etc. wasn’t helpful. Anyways my problem is always the same (if the import works and the certs are implemented right):

java exception “supplied key is not a RSAPrivateKey instance”

Is it possible that theres no chance to add wildcard certificates?

Best Wishes,