TS3-Server link appears wrong

Hello Folks,

i have a little problem with my TS3-Server (Teamspeak) link.

I´m using the client management for setting up a TS3-Server link in “URL Bookmarks”

The correct link is 4xmpl: ts3server://host.server.IP?port=9987

when i call this bookmark in Spark the link appears changed like this: ts3server//host.server.ip?port=9987

look closer an u will miss the “:” ts3server// should be ts3server:// - this is, whats happening with Firefox

in Internet Explorer there will be a http in front of the link like this: http://ts3server//host.server.IP

maybe this issue comes with openfire3.7.1 or spark2.6.3 or both? i don´t know

a half year ago or so it worked great

typing the ts3-URL in browser directly works. it seems the URL is misinterpreted by both browsers or changed through openfire/spark