Turkish Character Problem


When i select to “Turkish” language, a character problem occured. For example the menu items are must be " Spark- Bağlantılar-Eylemler-Yardım" and “Online” is must be “Çevrimiçi”

“Idle” is must be “Hemen dönecek”, “Connections” is must be “Bağlantılar”.

Do you have any idea? How can i resolve this problem?

Best regards;

What Windows version (if using on Windows) and which Spark version? Shows fine for me on Windows 7 and Spark 2.7.3.


I am using Spark 2.7.3 and Windows 7 Ultimate (EN)

I don’t know then. Shows fine for me on Windows 7 Ultimate (EN). Maybe there is something with the fonts on your system. Or maybe something wrong with regional settings.

Btw, are you using the full installer of Spark? Not the online one?

I tried tchanging regional settings before.

I am using full installer (58,6 MB)

Thank you.