Turn off invitations, populate contact lists through LDAP group

Hi all.

Experimenting with OpenFire and Spark for a 25-user law firm that is migrating from Novell GroupWise email/IM. I’m new to Spark and OpenFire so your patience is much appreciated.

With Novell IM, the users don’t need to do the invite/accept thing in order to add people to their contact lists. The invite/accept thing is probably acceptable but my preference would be to at least, allow them to add any contact in the AD domain without sending an invitation. One step better would be to pre-populate everyone’s contact list based on the members of an LDAP group. So everyone would have everyone in their list. Admittedly, This is only practical because it is a small shop. I’m hoping this is a config option in openfire or spark or someone has thought of this before and written a plugin for it.

Any advice from the experts would be much appreciated.

Install the “Subscription” plugin in openfire.