Two Domains behind a firewall

I didn’'t see this questions asked, so if this is duplicate, please forgive me.

I am currently using Wildfire to host domain The server is behind a firewall with correct ports forwarded.

At this time, I only have 1 public IP address.

What I would like to do is set up another jabber server for domain Is this possible using using a single IP address or is it absolutely neccessary to have a second IP? I wouldn’'t even have a problem running both domains through the same server, I just figured it would be easier to use a second server.

If anyone has any input, it would be greatly apprecicated.

Hi Jason,

it is possible but you need to use different ports (not 5222 etc) for the other server and this will be a huge disadvantage.


PS: and have different IP addresses (;

Thanks so much for the information. As a side note, is it possible to run both domains from the same server or you have to use a separate server for it to work?


virtual mass hosting is somewhere on the Wildfire roadmap, this would enable you to use just one server and one IP address to host various domains. Don’'t expect it be available soon - unless you want to sponsor this project.