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Two Questions about Spark

First of all, is there a way to disable the Send File feature? I still want my users to send files through email to avoid someone bringing in a file from the outside of my network.

Secondly, is there an .MSI file to push out Spark to several users at a time?


there is no MSI file available, and filetransfer can not be disabled so far.

Every added option should be made configurable by admins, I also don’'t like this approach. No matter if there is an ICAP-option available or not one should be able to disable filetransfer.

Hopefully a dev creates an issue to deliver two configuration files, one for the user and one for the admin to make some global settings like server-name, activated features and plugins.



did you get anywhere with disabling the send file button?



Hi Paul,

for Spark there may be no way, but for Wildfire JM-675 “Wildfire needs a way to enable/disable file transfer.” should be available with the next release.