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Two Questions, Username Info and Server Entry Info

When you register, it sets up as an all lower case username.

Is there anyway to register it with an uppercase letter, for example: Cavern.

I know you can edit the user once its created with a ‘‘name’’ which alows you to name it uppercase (as a nickname in spark).

I’'m using the registration plugin, and I know that allows it to be added on creation using the web sign-up, but is there a way from client to do this?

And second question:

When the program logs in and asks for a server, is there a way to auto fill that information in?

  • Jon

Hi Cavern,

I didn’'t see an option within Spark to add more values while registering. So if no issue is created this will stay as it is.

insert: Maybe completely wrong, so one may forgive me: As a JID all characters are supported, but most/all servers ignore the case of characters. Is this a bug? Shouldn’'t it be possible to create Ben@server and BEN@server as two completely different accounts? Currently it is possible to register ben, bÄ—n, bën, bÄ“n, bÄ•n, bÄ›n, bên, bén and bèn and there the difference is only minor - increase the font size if you think I did post a name two times (:

2nd Q: “When the program logs in and asks for a server,” What do you mean, I don’'t understand this. Which server could it set, is the information somewhere available?