TWO Spark features that everyone need. But they are absent


I had a hard time using a lot of jabber clients in my day work. Spark is among of those hard softwares, but I like the feel of using this application that is why I definately can not hold myself from two requests.

Office Win users usually have a lot of windows on their desktops. I have even more than this. From 40 to 70 active windows at once. Please imagine my taskbar, fullfilled with icons and I can not group them (it will be a disaster if I will :). And as the project manager, I have to react fast on all events that occur during the day. I am sure that all PM have this way of life too

We use jabber service in order to cimmunicate in the office. But using the Spark software I had a hard time with prompt responces.

There are only TWO features that have to be added in the software in order to make it perfect.

First feature - your competitor, Trillian, blinks in the taskbar when the new message arrives. This is the perfect way to attract attention to a new event. Spark is much better software but the flashing taskbar feature absent and this is a great failure. Flashing tab headers is enough - I have a lot of opened windows and I definately can not see any full names for the window titles that are active in the taskbar. That is why flashing will be the only way to find the right button to click.

make it blink 10times and then hold the color till new message arrives. Trillian will go on a long vacation if you will add this feature.

The second feature is: I speak with 10-15 persons at once. But the conference has a long long long name so user tabs are long long long. Even 19’’’’ montor is not enough to see half of the speaker list. So I can not switch to anyone in a private conversation without a loing long long navigation.

So the improvement will be: make those tabs thin, leave the name only Noone needs long long long tabs with the useless information in them. Everyone reacts on the name in the tab only. Additional information could be adeed into the tool bar directly. There is a lot of free space in all tool bars.

The perfect way to keep all the tabs on the screen - fit their sizes.

tab_length = tabs_container_length div (active_private_count + active_public_counts + active_servicetab_counts); //

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