Two Way Communications

Hi! My Name is Leandro Cieri from the Hartford Fire Department in Hartford, CT. A while ago we installed Wildfire 2.5.1 on a Windows 2000 Server. We had Spark communicate through Wildfire between two separate connections, one a dedicate frame relay connecting to the Fire Trucks in the Field, and the other to a City Wide Fiber Network. Both connections are entering the Windows 2000 server as separate connections with dedicated IPs. Recently, we lost the ability to connect Spark from the Fire Trucks in the field to the computers on the City’s Network. Could it be a routing issue or a software issue? If software, does anyone know how to make two separate connections talk to each other over Wildfire? Thanks!

I didnt quite understand this “two connections” you have described. You mean two connections with single username? It’s possible by using Resources. You can be logged with single username but with different resources (e.g. user@server/home, user@server/work). Resource can be setup in client.