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Typ of database vs. number of users


I am using right now the bild-in database for storing user info.

Question: Up to which number of users is this effient ? Or when does it makes sense to start using a MySql database for example ?

And in this regards, how would I move the usres from the build-in database into the MySql database ?

Any hints welcome.


Hey turbo,

I wouldn’‘t recommend the embedded database for a setup with more than 500 users. It’‘s not that it’'s not going to work but having an external database will help you release resources needed by Wildfire itself and it will also let you use any SQL tool to manage the database in a more appropriate way.

To make the migration to MySQL you may reuse the SQL statements stored in [wildfire home]/embedded-db. There is a script file that could be used as a basis for running similar statements to populate the new database. Search in this forums for a thread about this topic.


– Gato

Hi Gato,

thank you for the info.