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Type=''normal'' not sent?


I’‘m trying to send messages with Smack wich should have a type=’‘normal’’ in it. But Smack seems to hide that part at the outgoing XML. For example, if I set the message to chat, for example, the type=’‘chat’’ is sent. But I cant manage to send the type normal.

So… Is it possible to send the normal type with Smack?

Thank you, and thanks for Smack


The XMPP RFC specificies that the default type for messages is “normal” (ie, if no type is present, clients should assume “normal”). Therefore, when the message type is normal, Smack simply doesn’'t include the type. You can read more about this at:


Is this behavior causing problems for you?



It’‘s not a big problem; just that when using Tkabber as the receiver of a message, if type=’‘normal’’ is not sent, it’‘s taken as a chat session and not as a normal message. Anyway with you answer I think it’'s a Tkabber problem.

Thank you !!