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Typing notification - Pidgin vs. Spark

Hello there!

My name is Roberto and I have been an Openfire user since last year.

I have Openfire deployed into my server and use Pidgin 2.10.6 (for Linux) or Spark 2.6.3 (for Windows) as the clients in the workstations.

I can’t see the “user is typing” notification during a conversation session, if it’s between a Spark user and a Pidgin user.

If the conversation is between users with the same client, the notifications work.

If I set up a Google Talk account in Pidgin and talk with someone through it (the other person using the Gmail client), the notification works.

It seems to be a specific problem between Pidgin and Spark.

Does anyone have a clue on where the problem is?

For platform and OS integration reasons, I wanna avoid making one client or another the default.

Yours sincerely,