Ubuntu 0804 install Openfire and use Pidgin will loss connect usually

My OS Ubuntu 0804

when i install Openfire and set it ok

all the client use the Pidgin

i found the user will loss connect and reconnect

My Total member 63

but online use will 40-5x not stable

(i’m sure the member are always online)

when i check the member’s computer i found connect will losee and reconnect usually

Can anyone help me ?

the same OS and Server i use “ejabberd” it ver stable

but i love openfire’s web Gui , openfire easy to admin then ejabberd

Sorry My English not very good

if i use wrong word , please never mind Orz


try to set the Openfire System Property “xmpp.client.idle” to “-1”.


Reference: Openfire Properties

thanks a lot

i’ll try it