Ubuntu + Wildfire + Tomcat + JWCHAT = help!

Hello everyone,

I stumbled across wildfire a couple of weeks ago and have been playing ever since. I managed to install wildfire with no problems at all. It has installed to /opt/wildfire.

I can log in as a user from another machine on my LAN using spark and all seems ok.

The problem is with integrating JWCHAT and wildfire. I can get the JWCHAT log in at http://localhost:8080/JWCHAT. I also get the JHB on http://localhost:8080/JWCHAT/JHB (0.3) and http://localhost:8080/JHB (0.4)

Each time i try to connect using the JWCHAT client I get ‘‘Internal Server Error. Disconnected. Reconnect?’’ Ok /Cancel.

I have searched and searched the forums and our friend Mr Google for a possible solution. I am sure (well hope) it is something simple.

Your help would be appreciated



is this a specific problem you have with Wildfire, so you get JWChat running with other xmpp servers?

Or is it a generic JWChat / Tomcat issue?


Thanks for the reply.

This is the first im server combination that I have tried. After some research wildfire seemed to have all the features that I required. I teach ICT at a school in the UK, we are looking to host some im so that we can support children’'s learning from home in a secure virtual environment.

I would be more than happy to try another webbased client to connect to wildfire - any other recommendations?



Hi Matthew,

Wildfire 3.2 will support XEP-0124 HTTP Binding and hopefully include an AJAX client or be at least compatible with JWChat. So if you can wait 4-8 weeks you may get a web based client out-of-the-box.

Also if Jivesoftware does not deliver an AJAX client I’'m sure that one will release a patch manual to use JWChat with Wildfire.

This forum offers a web-based chat for xmpp, so if you’'d like to offer also a forum for the children you may consider to ask for an educational licence.

May I ask what you did configure within JWChat so far (config.js?) and if you see errors in the log files.


hi LG.

when will wildfire3.2 be released?

I have the same prob. as you mr. a,

when I logged in after a while, it disconnect and show re-connect confirm dialog.

I debuged the log of wildfire, it said there’'s some error with some SSL classes

is there anyone faced this problem yet?