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UDP port 5353 traffic?

I have a WildFire server running with a minimum number of extra services

i.e. filetransfer proxy, STUN and MediaProxy a.o. are disabled.

Yet the firewall logs shows outgoing UDP traffic on port 5353.

Also netstat shows that WildFire is listening on 5353:

udp 0 0* 4651/java

Does anybody know what this 5353 traffic is?

Is there any config setting that can turn off both this sending and listening?

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  • solved in wf3.2.2

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5353 is Multicast DNS. From the corresponding comment in the java source:


  • Publishes Wildfire information as a service using the Multicast DNS (marketed by Apple

  • as Rendezvous) protocol. This lets other nodes on the local network to discover

  • the name and port of Wildfire.

  • The multicast DNS entries published:

  • Client connections: type of "_xmpp-client._tcp.local.".
  • Component connections: type of "_xmpp-component._tcp.local.".
  • @author Matt Tucker


In the latest SVN version, you can disable Wildfire’'s MDNS by setting the following global property:

multicastDNS.enabled = false

however, AFAIR this change was applied after the 3.2.1 release …



PS: Actually, in the latest source, it is false by default.

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