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Ultimate File Transfer!

I am in the process of updating File Transfer within Spark and was wondering if anyone had opinions or suggestions for what they feel has been missing or lacking with file transfer. This not only applies to Spark, but to other IM clients as well. What logic would you like to have? What kind of UI would be best? Any opinions or suggestions are welcomed.



Hmm, can’‘t really think of anything in particular. I don’‘t know if you can do this or not, but I guess it would be cool if you could drag and drop a file on to somebody’‘s name or a conversation window and have it start a transfer. Again, I have no idea if that is implemented currently or not. I’'m using GAIM until the Linux client is released.

I would recoemend a interface similar to the Firefox download interface.

Yahoo windows client has feature what meltingrobot has described but I think it will be a bit hard to implement that for all the platform.


  1. Built in compression might be nice (save on bandwidth and such)

  2. This may seem counterintuitive - but on Windows machines, for example, have a HKLM registry key that we can push out through group policies that disallows[/i] file transfer - the reason being is that an enterprise may have terminals in which they don’'t want files being transferred from…(by not having floppies, locking down local and network access, etc.) - IM file transfer is a runaround on this.

Thanks for asking!

Fault tolerance and pause and resume support


I haven’'t spent very much time with Spark yet, so please excuse me if any of these suggestions are already in the client.

  1. Drag and drop support. Being able to initiate a file transfer by dragging a file out of an explorer window and directly onto an existing chat window or onto a user’'s name in the contact list.

  2. Make sure that file transfers work as reliably as possible. This includes file transfers to and from other jabber clients, as well as clients on remote networks behind firewalls and NAT devices. (if possible) If not easily done automatically, provide the ability to manually designate a network port to receive file transfers on. (or clearly document what port Spark uses by default)

  3. More configurable preferences. How about being able to set a default download location, or set it to automatically accept files from people in your contact list?

Yes! I didn’‘t see any place to define a download location. Trying to explain to end users about clicking on the download button so you can see where the file is…it’'s more difficult than you would think.

I’'d like to see the ability to select multiple files to send instead of having to start them one at a time. If you could drag and drop multiple files onto a user or the conversation window with a user, even better.

Well, that is exactly was is going into 1.1 on Feb. 7th. This will allow for the following:

  1. Drag and Drop of multiple files into a current conversation.

  2. Drag and Drop of multiple files onto a Contact in the Contact List.

  3. Inline file transfer inside of the conversation.

  4. Image viewing of transferred images within the conversation.

and more …

Yay, sweet deal. Hope the Linux version is out by then also and has all these features.

It would be really great to have option in the registry (or somewhere else where I can set it as read only ) to:

-enable / disable sending of files

-enable / disable receiving of files

( Some workstations can need receiving of data, but due to security reasons sending must be disabled. )

  • I vote for option to set/change default ports not only for file transfers.

Great work !!!

A minor suggestion would be to have Spark remember what directory I was in when I selected the file to be transferred. Seems like I often dig down several directories to find the file I want to send and having to do so each time I select a different file is a bit of a hassle.



A minor suggestion would be to have Spark remember

what directory I was in when I selected the file to

be transferred. Seems like I often dig down several

directories to find the file I want to send and

having to do so each time I select a different file

is a bit of a hassle.

I agree.

Personally, I find myself having to dig down into the same directories because the timeout is so quick on the receiving end that I have to restart the file transfer several times.

It would be great to be able to configure that timeout period (i.e., how long the recipient has to accept or reject a proposed file transfer).


Already done for 1.1



Only just started to evaluate spark/wildfire today so I apologize if these option are already available.

I would like the ability to turn off file transfer centrally from the wildfire server.

I would like an option that allowed me to specify an ftp server and location that all files would be copied to. This should also be able to be set centrally from the wildfire server.

The above two requirements are specifically to satisfy security needs

Hi guys is it possible to set a directory where the downloaded files come in to? As i am installing on a network and the users are unable to access C:. I really want to use spark on our network, is the feature avaliable somewhere?


Any way to limit your upload/download speed when you send/receive a file? I know my FlashFXP allows me to limit up and download speed. Just a thought since you were asking :stuck_out_tongue:

(My) Problems with Ultimate File Transfer (Spark 1.1.0):

The reference document: http://www.jivesoftware.org/articles/filetransfer.jsp

Problem 1[/b]

The privacy is not really protected.

There is no option “hide IP” which would force in-band file transfer.

Yes, this was a feature request.

Problem 2[/b]

User 1 drops a file in the message window, “Waiting for 2 to accept file transfer” will be displayed.

User 2 sees “1 is sending you a file”, “Accept”, Reject"

User 1 clicks “Cancel”.

User 2 does not get a notification that filetransfer was canceled.

If 2 clicks “Accept” “Negotiation connection stream. Please wait…” is displayed.

Users 1 and 2 can continue to chat, so no problem there.

After 60 seconds “There was an error during file transfer” is displayed.

Problem 3[/b]

In corporate environments user 1 and 2 usually have access to the same resources (network drives and files).

It is completely useless to transfer a file which both users can access. And one will likely get more file copies to store than necessary.

May one add a feature that allows to add some special settings?

Client 1 could submit the full path of the file and md5sum(file), so client 2 can check if it has access to it and then decide whether to transfer or not.


For our small, geographically distributed organization, encryption is required[/i] for all communications (including file transfers). We’‘re hoping to replace our in-house application (with it’'s own quirks and problems) with XMPP.

Any options you can provide to force/require encrypted communications for everything would be a great help to our organization.