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Unable to access setting in admin panel for Stun Server Settings gives 404 error

I am using Ubuntu 18 and have the community release of Openfire installed and have the Stun Plugin enabled.

When I click on the settings link (http://domaninexample.c0m:9090/plugins/stunserver/stun-settings.jsp) for it I get a 404 page error for it.

What would cause this?

I do not see a ht access or anything for permissions and everything is permission set to how openfire installed it.

Anyone else have this issue with Ubuntu 18?

Hi, I have this exact same issue. Running Debian 9. Don’t know what is causing it. Anyone else?

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I see that this issue has been fixed in the code, but maybe they forgot to do a new release for this plugin (all plugins had to be updated to work with new version of Openfire) https://github.com/igniterealtime/openfire-stunserver-plugin/issues/1
@akrherz @guus ?

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I have submitted a pull request to make a release shortly.


Thanks. I have test 1.2.3 version. Now Stun settings page loads :+1:

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1.2.3 fixed page error. Loads for me now too. Thank you. :smiley:


Yes i too can also confirm this is fixed now with the new plugin update… Thank you.

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