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Unable to add more than 1000 users

We’ve been using Spark for our office for a few years. It has come to my attention that we’ve hit the 1,000 user limit in Openfire and cannot add any more. Is there a simple fix to add more users? We have a max of 2,500 users, but I can’t seem to find a simple way to get past the 1,000 user limit. Thanks!

there is no user limit. the only real restriction would be tired to resources. are you using active directory? if so you could be hitting the 1000 page result limit…you can correct this by adding the following system property
ldap.pagedResultsSize with a value of 1000

Thanks Speedy! That resolved the issue with displaying users and now I’m seeing everyone. We are using AD. The reason I thought it was limited to 1000 was due to the fact that new users weren’t being added. I noticed a few months ago that anyone new added to AD wasn’t being added as a user. I’ve restarted services, cleared cache from Openfire, restarted the server and even upgraded to the latest version, but nothing seems to fix the issue with new users being added.

After looking over the settings, it appears that the users that are missing are not in the correct OU, thus keeping them from being added. Once I moved them into the correct group, everyone shows up now.

you may find this of use. i do this instead of using OUs