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Unable to Add Public IM Contacts Into Spark

I have just discovered that when I enter a new, for example, MSN Messenger, contact into Spark, it does not take. Nor do requests from MSN users to add me to their contact list show up within Spark. Has anyone encountered this and know a solution? Thank you.

Do you use Kraken (former IM Gateway) plugin on your server or some other transport? You cant add non jabber contacts directly without some transport available.

I have the MSN public gateway installed, which is why it is strange this isn’t working. I have all my MSN contacts showing up and working. The issue is just with adding a new one or being notified of a request for someone to add me to their MSN.

I’m not sure about the requests, but with Kraken plugin i’m able to add new MSN contacts (only online ones) to Spark’s roster.