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Unable to add users to roster from AD after search

I am having an issue with users not being able to create their own Contacts/Roster list in Psi. I have created a server based group named “All Users” and added all our AD LDAP users to it. The group shows up in the rosters of all our users but many of our users would like to create their own little custom contact lists/groups but are unable to add users to their custom list if the user is already in a server based group. Anybody know how to fix this issue?

Thank you for your time.

Hey Smurf,

You should be able to add an existing contact to a new group in your roster. Could you post the sent and received XML so we can have more information about this problem?


– Gato

Here is the XML from Psi to Jive then Jives response back to Psi

What I did was try to create my own custom local group in my roster by adding a user thats already in the “- All Users -” server based group. As long as the user is in a server based group Psi is unable to add the user to a local group in the roster.

Custom Group

- All Users -

The problem is that the first IQ packet only include the “Custom Group” group. This means that the contact will be removed from the “All Users” group and added to the new group. The IQ error that the server is sending is because it’'s not possible to remove a contact from a shared group.

You may want to check if there is a way in Psi to send the 2 groups in the first packet instead of sending only the new one. Otherwise, you will have to report the problem to the Psi developers.


– Gato