Unable to Chat

Server: Wildfire 3.1.1

Client: Spark 2.0.5

All other clients are working fine, however all of a sudden I am unable to receive chats. I am able to see " is typing a message" when the other person tries to chat with me, however I never receive any of the messages.

Ideas, Thoughts?

Thanks in advance


Clearing the cache on the server seems to have resolved the issue.

Problem exists with other users as well.

Users are unable to chat amongst each other.


Yes I actually posted on this and answered my own question



You will need to clear the cache and restart each client… this will update the roster on each client.

a pain, but it’'s been working great since then!


I got to tell ya, that’‘s kind of BS… I’‘m trying to roll this out to new users and every time I add a user I have to do this. It’'s very frustrating.

Can anything be done?

Well deploy it all in one day… (using a startup script, login script - can provide an example if needed… just PM me)

have your users login

clear the cache that night

and the next day when they reboot all will be well.

So far so good. Also, get he iball chat monitor and check the logs. If you see some one way chats such as “hello!, hello!” you know that user doesn’'t have the right roster and clear the cache and tell them to restart the client.

hopefully this will get better as the bugs are worked out, but this is the way I’'ve gotten around it.

Indeed, however Logon scripts will not work unless the users have Admin rights to their machines.

Using group policy, login scripts are run under the context of the user. Startup scripts are run under the context of the machine account, however I have my doubts that such a startup script would be effective. I’'ve made a .MSI using Winstalle from a W2K Server disc, but have had only minimal success.

I have reviewed these forums and the login scripts they contain and I’'m using them to set spark.properties files for users profiles. I cannot, however, use them to install the client as the client requires admin rights that the users do not have.

Thoughts, Comments?

I have successfully deployed via startup script and have also updated the clients twice successfully by just using a startup script.

They key is to create a folder that you set a version tag in that the startup script checks to see what version is installed.

here is the startup script I use, notice the check sequence… you’‘ll see it’'s significance later in the script at the versionset.

Basically it adds a folder in the spark directory called VERSION and then adds a simple text file with the version tag

you’'ll want to edit the tag if you edit the source file.

upon startup it will check for that file and if it is present… skip over the install.

if it is not present then it installs and/or updates

@echo off


IF EXIST “%ProgramFiles%\Spark\Version\Spark_2_0_5.txt” GOTO END




ECHO Installing/Upgrading Spark Instant Messaging client - Please wait!

server\share\Spark_2_0_5.exe -q




IF NOT EXIST “%PROGRAMFILES%\Spark\Version” mkdir Version

cd version

echo Version: Spark_2_0_5 > Spark_2_0_5.txt


Without Administrator rights to the machine, the "
server\share\Spark_2_0_5.exe -q " part fails as Spark requires admin rights to install.

A “Certified” .MSI from Jive would be perfect.


They don’'t need admin rights on the local machine!

You just need to set it as a startup script, instead of logon script

and then set the file location to an accessible share and it works perfectly! I promise!



I’'ll give it a shot as a STARTUP Script then. I was weary about doing that as I thought it may not be able to access the share. That was the only thing that I have not yet tried.

Thanks for the tip. I’'ll try it out tonight!

No Dice. All that did was stall the login process and anger my users.

I’'ll work on creating my own .MSI. It would be cool if Jive could put out an official clean .MSI per release. But I love the software and will use it either way.


I assure you it DOES work I use it for about 80 users right now.

I agree an MSI would be infinitely better, but until then this is the quickest easiest way. If you’'d like me to help you trouble shoot more I am more than willing, if not… good luck with your installs!