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Unable to connect to openfire using websocket

I have included the Openfire WebSocket plugin (version 1.1.3). Also I have set the below system property in openfire server

stream.management.active = true

stream.management.unsolicitedAckFrequency = 1

After doing this I tried to access the websocket connection as below

  1. ws://localhost:7070/ws/

  2. ws://<XMPP_Domain_Name>:7070/ws/

  3. wss://localhost:7443/ws/

  4. wss://<XMPP_Domain_Name>:7443/ws/

But none of the above is getting connected to openfire server. It is giving me the error

"The webpage at ws://localhost:7070/ws/ might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.


Please let me know whether I have missed any other configurations.