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Unable to contact search service with Spark 1.1.1 and Wildfire 2.5


I was playing about with the Wildfire/Spark on a development system to test what all the features did. I noticed that after a while the Spark client was unable to search, generating an “Unable to contact search service” error message.

I discovered that if the following properties were explicity set to true in the database (in an otherwise stock installation on Windows) the Spark search

function broke:



The issue is seen when the server is restarted after these properties have been set although it didn’'t show up everytime.

I don’‘t personally use any Server-to-Server functions and there’'s a very high chance that the problem is of my own doing.

So, this post is to highlight that some combinations of options may break the search functionalilty in Spark (Pandion seemed OK).