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Unable to contact search service?

I recently installed Openfire 4.5.2 & am utilizing the 2.9.2 Spark client. The search bar across the bottom seems to be non-functional, just comes up with the error “unable to contact search service” when searching for a user.

We are using LDAP for authentication. Had anyone else come across this? I am unsure of what to look at for it. A reboot of the server did not fix the issue.

I don’t use LDAP, so can’t test this. But a few users here do use it. Usually they run into problems actually running searches, but not with the field/service itself. Do you have Search plugin installed on Openfire server? Also check in Admin Console > Server Settings > Search Service Properties.

Let’s check on the points that the search should work:

  1. Install the Search plugin in Openfire
  2. Go to the settings as wroot said and the search should be enabled there (send a screenshot)
  3. Find the ldap.searchFields parameters in the Openfire properties, if there is one, delete it. After that restart your Openfire.
  4. When configuring ldap you specify an OU to search for users, make sure you are looking for users that belong to that OU.
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Thanks for all the tips. What wound up working for me was going to Server Settings -> Search Service Properties and changing it to disabled, saving, then setting it back to enabled and saving it.

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