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Unable to create chat room


I’ve got OpenFire 3.9.3 running and configured, everything seems to work except:

In Mac OS X Messages, when i want to start a group chat i go under to: i enter names of the people i want to chat with and I then type the message and send it.

On the other machines with OS X messages it opens a box, with whatever i typed in it. but when I accept the group chat invite i get this error.

“could not connect to chat1528601399996219@conference.chat.server.net because the server could not be found”

In spark when trying to accept the invite from OS X Messages i get the error “the room you are trying to enter does not exsist.”

But if you look on the openfire server under group chat rooms it will show up that it actually was created.

I have not observed any other issues with this set up. I am able to create chat rooms with spark, Pidgeon and Adium without any issues. Doesn’t matter if i do it in OS X or Windows.

What needs to be set up for this functionality to work?