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Unable to create group chat between clients on different Openfire servers

We deployed two Openfire servers(V 3.3.2) on two machines A and B. We created Spark clients x and y on the two servers i.e. users with JID and . x then added y in its friends list. We could then set up regular chat between x and y. But attempt to create a group chat between x and y failed.

The sequence of events is as follows. I started a conference by clicking on Spark client x 's menu Action ->Start a conference . It popped up the “Invite to conference” form. I clicked on Browse button and selected y. Then was listed in the “Invited Users” list. I clicked on the Invite button and it closed that form and popped up the conference / group chat window. It says " waiting for to join" . But client y on machine B never got the Invite.

However, regular chat between x and y work. Group chat between and ( i.e. two clients on the same Openfire server) also work. Are we missing some set up parameter in the Openfire servers?

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