Unable to Invite Group to Conference


We just moved our Openfire installation to a new server. But now we are unable to click on a group in Spark and invite the group to a chat room. We were able to do this before on the old server. For the migration we exported the users to an XML file using the user import/export plugin and then imported them on the new machine. We manually recreated our groups on the newserver. The old server used a SQL Serverdatabase but the new server is just using the embedded database since ourdeployment is very small and not resource intensive.

But now whenever anyone tries to invite a group to a chatroom we get a “no response from server” error. Here is what the packet capture looks like:


<iq id="4IOfp-77"to=“mark_7rk@conference.irc.serverssichat” type=“get”>



<iq type=“error” id=“4IOfp-77” from="mark_7rk@conference.irc.serverssichat"to=“mark@serverssichat/spark”>

<error code="403"type=“auth”>



<presence id="4IOfp-78"to=“mark_7rk@conference.irc.serverssichat/mark”>


<message type="error"to="mark@serverssichat/spark"from=“conference.irc.serverssichat”>


You are not currently logged intothe IRC transport.

There is currently no conference.irc.serverssichat service showing up in the Group Chat Service page in the web based admin interface. Maybe that was deleted? We do have a “ssiconference” subdomain setup which we can use in Spark from the conferences tab. In the admin interface on the Room Creation Permissins page we have enabled “Anyone can create a chat room” for the ssiconference service. Is there anyway to tell Openfire to use that service for the group chat room functionality? Or restore the original irc setup?

Thank you,