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Unable to login after system crash

I are running Openfire 3.6.3 on a HP DL380 2 X 3.2 ghz Xeon system with 1gb memory. It is running Fedora Core 9 (Sulphur), kernel build Openfire validates against our AD, Server 2003 and was running as expected until this weekend. Over the weekend, the Linux box went down hard. Upon correcting the issue and restarting the system, Openfire will not validate users, either on the desktop or at the admin console. I have tried all of the normal “fixes”, restarting Openfire, shutdown and reboot of Linux, restart of the ADC, etc but no success. Any suggestions on where to look?


Not sure what is saved in the database in the case of tha AD setup, but maybe the database or conf files are corrupted. Try replacing the database with a backup or reinstalling the Openfire.