Unable to login as admin on console, ok on Spark client **FIXED**

As in the title, I can no longer login as admin via the web console though I can login as admin with the spark client?

I have been able to login just fine up to now, I don’t “think” I changed anything when I last logged in as admin yesterday.

(I think I also have admin privileges on my account but can not seem to login with that account via the web console either?

I am getting the usual “Login failed: make sure your username and password are correct”

have tried Admin, admin @ourdomain.com .ourdomain.com

Restarted openfire many times : ) even restarted the whole server…

I am running openfire 3.6.4 on a CentOS linux server using the build in database (only 30 users)

and has been fine up till now.

Auto account creation is disabled.

I have attached the log files etc

Any ideas please, I don’t want to have to wipe and reinstall if I can help it.

Thank you
error.log.zip (2107 Bytes)
info.log.zip (986 Bytes)
warn.log.zip (2736 Bytes)

Ok figured this one out… Well searched it out (Thx to Sixthring)

Bit off but here it is. I looked at the openfire.xml file and noticed the admin information was not there at all ?

So following advice from an earlier post I shutdown the service and added the following line to my openfire.xml file


Restarted and all is well and admin can login once more…

Any idea how that could have occurred as all had been working ok till now?

If you can check openfire.xml again, is there this line, that you have added? With admin username? I think Openfire reads this line, adds corresponding users and then deletes this line from the config file. Because i don’t have this line and i can login as admin. Maybe your database got corrupted and by adding this line you have just reenabled admin user. Just a wild guess.

Yep thats it.

So I added the line


When I restart I now have the line

So I guess it reads the openfire.xml then removes the line ?

But all is working again now … Odd

Spark007 wrote:

So I guess it reads the openfire.xml then removes the line ?

Reads, adds to the database and then removes.