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Unable to login to SparkWeb from outside

Just upgraded to Openfire 3.4.1 and installed Enterprise license.

The server (windows 2003) is befind SonicWall firewall. I’ve opened the following ports for SparkWeb: 5229, 9090. I am able to use SparkWeb locally, when I am connecting to Opefire server using the LAN IP.

In the Opefire admin console, for server name (under Server Properties) I have domainname.com.

From the outside, I use the following URL: http://im.domainname.com:9090/plugins/enterprise/sparkweb/index.jsp

When I use im.domainname.com in the server field of the login page, I get the following error: Service Unavailable, 503
When I use domainname.com (which can be selected from dropdown menu), I get the error: securityError, Error #2048
When I use blank in the server field, I get the error: Service Unavailable, 503

Any ideas what’s causing this issue? Do I need to open any additional ports?



I confirm that SparkWeb still doesn’t work, at least when my xmpp domain is ‘mydomain.net’, but server is located on ‘talk.mydomain.net’ with DNS SRV record.

Creating account and connecting to igniterealtime.org work find. But there is an issues: flash doesn’t support non-lating charset. At least on Firefox, Linux i586. Everything is OK, except this, looks like incorrect font.

Do you have an SRV record setup to route traffic sent to domainname.com to the correct server?



Hey Tim,

SparkWeb uses port 5222 by default to connect to the server. In your post you are mentioning that you opened 5229 and 9090 so you will need to open 5222 for it to work.


– Gato