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Unable to open Chat Window

I open spark every morning at roughly 8am and use it for the first hour. I have a few chats back and forth between other users, then end up closing the chat windows so I no longer have any chats up in front of me.

Then, within the next 5-20 mins or so, I go back to the list of users and try to double-click to open a chat window. No windows open. I even highlight the user and press Enter, and it does nothing. I do find that the users window loses its focus when I try double-clicking a user, as if there was a chat window actually opening, but there are no other windows opening. I have to log off/exit spark and log back in.

I’ve also checked for updates and there are none. I am on Vista, which I think might be the issue. Any help is appreciated.

2.5.8 version? What about Beta?

Sorry, v 2.5.8