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Unable to post to forums - text editor bugs

I’‘ve had to shut off Javascript in order to post this message. The page locks up on me every time. I am pretty sure it is the text editor. Firefox logs an error about too much recursion in the spellchecklite/all.js file on line 886. IE 7 doesn’‘t even display the text editor, and says there’'s an error on the page.


Mark Tolman

Hi Mark,

which Firefox version are you using? I have no problem to post here using v1.5


I’‘m running Firefox 2.0. I don’‘t have any extensions installed. I’‘m using pretty much the default settings. I’‘ve used TiniMCE and other JavaScript based tools with no problem. I allow popups from your site. I’'m not running Norton, MacAfee, or any other software that might be getting in the way.

I’'ve tried from both my desktop and my notebook. I even tried to use IE 7, but it just reported “errors on page”.

I’'m just happy shutting off Javascript worked.

The exact text of the error is:

Error: too much recursion

Source File: http://www.igniterealtime.org/forum/js/messagepost/multifile/uploadmonitor/spell checkbase/spellchecklite/all.js

Line: 886

Hi Mark,

Thanks for letting us know about the problem. I have not been able to reproduce it with Firefox, but maybe there is something different about our environments. Which version of Windows are you using?



I posted this in IE 7.


I have IE 7 installed, but don’'t use it.

I have JDK 6 installed.

I also get errors like this:

Warning: Error in parsing value for property ‘‘line-height’’. Declaration dropped.

Source File: http://www.igniterealtime.org/forum/style/style.jsp

Line: 1635

LOTS of them. line-height, line-width, white-space, display, etc.

I also get these:

Warning: Unknown property ‘‘filter’’. Declaration dropped.

Source File: http://www.igniterealtime.org/forum/scripts/tiny_mce/themes/advanced/css/editor_ ui.css

Line: 179

Warning: Expected end of value for property but found ‘‘px’’. Error in parsing value for property ‘‘width’’. Declaration dropped.

Source File: http://www.igniterealtime.org/forum/post!reply.jspa?messageID=138364

Line: 0

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For me the problem is different when I use IE. The text editor doesn’‘t even finish loading. There’'s no place to type in your text.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the additional information. So far, nothing is jumping out as the root of the problem, but I’‘d really like to get to the bottom of the issue. On an XP SP2 machine with Firefox 2.0 I’'m not having any trouble. Could there be some kind of proxy or gateway server in your organization that is causing trouble with those files?

Or, are you using the forums over HTTPS, for example?

Also, do you have another machine you could try, just to see if it is isolated to the one computer?



I went to my friend’‘s home and used his computer to see if perhaps it was something on my network or unique to me. He didn’'t have Firefox installed, so I used IE 6. The text editor failed to load, just like on my desktop and notebook when I used IE.

When I have the time, I’‘m going to format and do a clean install on a notebook I am not using at the moment. I’'ll let you know the results.

I was thinking… I’‘m not a Java developer, but I’‘m sure most of the people at Jive and Ignite Realtime are, right. I wonder if you have something installed that changes your system such that it works. For example, I don’‘t have Eclipse installed, nor do I have any debug toolbars or plug-ins. I don’'t even have the Google toolbar installed.

I’'ve gone to the tini mce site and had no trouble loading and using their Examples pages.

I did a quick look over of your all.js page and its 4300+ lines of code. Nothing jumped out at me. LOL

I wish I had a Javascript debug tool handy.

Using Firefox’'s DOM Inspector I found several SCRIPT nodes in the HEAD with src values like “/forum/scripts/tiny_mce_gzip” followed by others with src values like “http://www.igniterealtime.org/forum/scripts/tiny_mce/tiny_mce_gzip?theme=advance d&language=en&plugins=jivequote%2Cjiveemoticons%2Cjivespell%2Cpaste&lang=en&inde x=0”

Not knowing more about your code, it looks like the tiny_mce_gzip script is being loaded twice. Once with a relative src and once more from your server.

hey Greg,

It looks like the igniterealtime.org template includes prototype 1.5.0_pre1, forums includes prototype 1.5.0_rc0 and then the all.js includes 1.5.0_rc0 as well. 1.5.0_pre1 has a bug which I wrote about here:


which causes the ‘‘too much recursion’’ error. Upgrading the instance that you have as part of your template to 1.5.0_rc0 from pre1 will fix the problem.


Thank you. I suspected that it would be something like that.

Aaron, I don’'t use the forum software on my site. The forum with the problem is this one, Ignite Realtime Forums. Would you be so kind as to fix the template, or contact someone that can fix it?

Thanks Aaron! I’'ll get Ignite updated to a newer version of prototype.

Mark, once that file is updated I’'m hoping the problem will be fixed.

Hi Greg,

did you fix it? http://www.igniterealtime.org/forum/thread.jspa?messageID=140476 reports this problem again and it (still?) exists also for me using Firefox.


Hi LG,

Yep, this is fixed.