Unable to restart OpenFire Service

Hi since i have OpenFire installed on a OpenSuse10.3 Vmware i cant restart the server service.

Each time i try to do this i get an error message and i cant restart the server. My only solution till now was to reboot the os.

Hope someone knows whats my problem here.

The error message is this:

Shutting down openfire: /etc/init.d/openfire: line 134: kill: (3565) - no matching process found

After that i cant restart the server, i have to reboot to start server again.

I’ve had a problem with this too.

Turns out, if you did the setup wrong (especially if you did not have JRE on the board first), the PID of openfire will keep changing.

When you attempt to killall openfire or kill -9 pid* it will not work due to the fact that the PID is changing too fast.

The ONLY cure for this (as I’ve discovered) is to reboot and restart the service.


you can use “ps -ef” to get a process list and then look for the Openfire PID. kill Openfire-PID will likely shutdown Openfire.


That’s the problem the PID keeps changing.