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Unable to see members of AD security group

Installed Openfire 3.6.4 on WIndows 2003 server with embedded database and LDAP (active directory) authentication in a test environment just to try this software out.

I have all users and security groups in the base DN. When I first configured Openfire, there was only one universal security group with one member user called chatGroup. When testing for groups, this group appeared and showed 1 user.

After configuring Openfire and going into the admin console, I still see the group but it shows no users. I can see individual users no problem.

I’ve tried adding additional groups with member users, but always the groups show up Openfire groups/users group summary tab with no users.

Attached is information from the server manager system properties.
system_properties.txt.zip (715 Bytes)

Groups don’t work the way I thought.