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Unable to See Members of Groups in Openfire 3.6.4

Openfire version 3.6.4 installed on Windows 2003 Enterprise Server SP 2

Embeded database

LDAP authentication (specifically a Microsoft Windows Active Directory forest/domain)

BaseDN: ou=chatUsers, dc=bdomain, dc=forest, dc=local)

For now, all AD users and AD secuirty groups are in this BaseDN OU.

I am not doing any special searches, just trying to get the defaults to work while I learn this program.

I see individual users for the BaseDN OU in the Openfire Admin Console User Summary Page.

I had expected to see members of the security groups from the BaseDN OU also listed in the User Summary Page, but they are not there.

I see the security groups from the BaseDN OU in the Openfire Admin Console Group Summary Page, but the groups show 0 members, even though each security group has one or more AD user members added to it.

I’ve attached the system properties of this installation in a text file for more information.

Could someone please tell me if I am incorrect in what I expect to see, or if they can think of anything preventing me from seeing the members of the groups in the User Summary Page using the default LDAP search criteria?

system_properties.txt.zip (715 Bytes)

Turns out I’ve been trying to use groups in a way not intended. I had thought membership in a group located in the BaseDN would allow users from outside the BaseDN to be “seen” as being in the BaseDN and be authenticated along with users in the BaseDN.

Instead, groups are used merely for search and filtering purposes for users in the BaseDN.

If anyone sees and error in the above statement, please let me know.