Unable to setup server to server communications


I’m trying to setup s2s comms between two OpenFire servers (both running 3.7.1Alpha). I’ve enabled s2s in the properties dialog, create two user accounts one on each server and started a Spark client connected to one of the servers. When I try to add a user from the other server (via the Add Contacts dialog) It fails and I get the following in the Warn log file -

2011.06.01 13:49:59 org.jivesoftware.openfire.session.LocalOutgoingServerSession - Error creating secured outgoing session to remote server: welpc3 (DNS lookup:

org.xmlpull.v1.XmlPullParserException: expected start tag name and not / (position: START_DOCUMENT seen </…@1:2)

at org.xmlpull.mxp1.MXParser.parseProlog(MXParser.java.1475)

at org.jivesoftware.openfire.net.MXParser.nextImpl(MXParser.java:341)

at org.xmlpull.mxp1.MXParser.next(MXParser.java.1093)

at org.jivesoftware.openfire.session.LocalOutgoingServerSession.createOutgoingSess ion(LocalOutgoingServerSession.java:317)

My server settings are the same on both OpenFire servers and have the following set -

xmpp.server.dialback.enabled false

xmpp.server.socket.active true

xmpp.socket.ssl.active false

xmpp.server.tls.enabled false

I have also set the following having looked through previous discussions -

xmpp.server.certificate.accept-selfsigned true

xmpp.server.certificate.verify.root false

This had no effect and I still get the error described above.

I should add that both servers can ping each other and I have used a telnet client to check that the server port 5269 is accessible from each server and it is. The parsing error above is output on both servers when tring to add a contact. In the DEBUG log I also notic a failure to send presence information from one server to the other. The error reported for this is -

java.lang.exception: Failed to create connection to remote server

at org.jivesoftware.openfire.server.OutgoingSessionPromise$PacketsProcessor.sendPa cket(OutgoingSessionPromise.java:274)

at org.jivesoftware.openfire.server.OutgoingSessionPromise$packetsProcessor.run(Ou tgoingSessionPromise.java:238)

Can anyone help ? I have run out of ideas and can’t find any further documentation to help me.

Update on problem.

I don’t know why or how but I’ve managed to get the two servers talking by setting the dialback property to true. I’m now able to add contacts from the other server and visa-versa. There still seems to be lots of stuff logged in the logs but at least I can now see another server from my local one.