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Unable to start a chat session

I use version 2.6.3 to communicate with fellow employees. On my home computer I am no longer able to start a chat using my account. I have deleted the account multiple times and reinstalled without success. I also made sure I was using the latest Java. Any thoughts on how I can get chat to function correctly. BTW, I did not have a problems for the first 10 months of use and only have this problem on my home computer.

You can wipe you Spark profile and start with a fresh one. Spark profile is here


If you need your history, copy this folder:


And copy it back after you start with a fresh profile.

After doing this you may also try the latest version, which shouldn’t have such issues in future http://bamboo.igniterealtime.org/artifact/SPARK-INSTALL4J/shared/build-665/Insta ll4j/spark_2_7_0_665.exe

My directory structure is different but I found a user to delete and it appears to have worked correctly.

We have had some stability issues with 2.6.3, is the new version more stable. We’ve had a lot of chats closed for errors requiring resetting the server.

Different? Windows XP or some other OS then?

If you had to restart the server, then it is not a client issue i think, but a server one. Current 2.7.0 build is stable enough and has fixes for some issues in 2.6.3, as well some memory leak fixes.

i’m afraid of using new version of spark because i’m sure that there are many bugs that i haven’t found. currently, i’m using 2.6.3 version

efendi liu wrote:

i’m sure

Yeah, that’s a strong argument I’m using 2.7.0 in my network (230 users) for 1.5 years. Actually it is a 3-4th build now as i upgrade all users if new build has some new features or fixes (like the one which fixed the issue when you press Enter to send a message and it doesn’t show that the message was sent - present in 2.6.3). Yes, sometimes Spark hangs on some machines, like 2 times per month in total for whole network. I see no difference or huge instability comparing to 2.6.3 and as some annoying bugs are fixed in 2.7.0 i feel confident to suggest using it.

Here’s just a glimpse of bugs fixed in Spark 2.7.0 currently Issue Navigator - Jive Software Open Source and if you add Affected Version column you will see that many are from 2.6.3 or older versions.

Here’s the list of all changes since 2.6.3 Issue Navigator - Jive Software Open Source

To add to my previous post. If you are thinking that official releases here are more stable, then it is not very accurate. It is just milestones, a way to announce to users that something new is available. New fixes and features get some minimal testing, but more often they are just slapped into the code, one or two developers maybe use new feature and test it somewhat and after the release problems come up. There is no testing team or QA here. No human resources for that. So if Spark official 2.7.0 version would be released tomorrow, it would be the same as the current “beta” build.

@woort : do you suggest us to use http://bamboo.igniterealtime.org/artifact/SPARK-INSTALL4J/shared/build-665/Insta ll4j/spark_2_7_0_665.exe ?

Yes. I’m using it myself.