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Unable to use a admin account with "-" in it

Hi, since yesterday, i’m not able to use my admin account to log myself in the web administrator.

I use a account with a “-” in it, and everytime i submit, he rewrites my username without the “-”.

How can i fix this ?



I don’t know how to fix that, but before we switched to a custom auth provider, users whose passwords contained the characters “#”, “%”, and “&” could not connect. Perhaps the two situations are related.

these appear to all be SQL commands/keys. it’s possible they are being filtered out/rejected to prevent SQL injection.

Submitting the new username does work as expected, so this seems to be a password problem. I have no problem with user “ad-min” to log in. It has of course the “Is administrator” property set.

The UI re-uses / displays the username you did supply and adds it again into the user name field but it strips these XSS characters ("<", “>”, “”", “’”, “%”, “;”, “)”, “(”, “&”, “+”, “-”) for security reasons. That’s indeed unexpected …

Well, it works today… don’t know why …

And it doesn’t work anymore. I’m gonna make an admin account without specials characters…