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Unable to use same configuration of previous Openfire Server


I previouly set up an Openfire Server v.3.4.3 on Win2003 Server and it is working fine. However the same configurations do not work on a new install on a Win2008 Server. I am attempting to set up a Openfire server using the embedded database and ldap. The profile page is as follows:

Base DN:

ou=uniform desktop,DC=corp,DC=mwbavl,DC=com
Administrator DN:


Interestingly, I can leave the Administrator DN and Password fieldd blank and the settings test good. I put a password in the Password field I get an error message. When I click save go to the next page to the User Mapping page I use the default sAMAccountName in the Username field and get an error. This setting worked in the previous installation. I have tried everything I can think of and read many threads and still cannot understand why this in not working.

I would be very grateful for any assistance!



Is the AD Structure setup the same way? I mean, is the OU structure above new as of the new 2008 install, or just copying from your old 2003 install?

Biny, thanks for the reply. Yes, the AD structure is the same…that’s what’s so frustrating about this install.