Unable To Watch The Log

Im using Wildfire 3.0.1 for Linux with embeded database i have copied the Iball monitor (jar file) in the Plugins folder and its also extracted and in the wildfire’'s its shown (I-Ball Chat Aduitor - Plugin for monitoring user chat logs) that means its installed but im unable to fine and link for user logs in the console.plz help me ! i have to deploy it in my enviornment in 2 days and plz tell me if there are other setting in the console. its urgent plz i will be greatfull really.

I have the same problem. My Wildfire configuration is same of Snaib user. Can anybody help was?

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Windows version 3.0.1 + Embedded-DB

latest i-Ball Chat Auditor version from here:


it says 1.0_beta5 February 15, 2006,

in Change log it’'s 1.0.1 – January 31, 2006

and in Plugins page it shows 1.0.0 version

i would be really ashamed to leave such a mess in versions even if i abandon development.

So are you using the latest one? Mine is working and i can search for a recent logs.

Admin Console > Users / Groups > Chat Log Search

Thanks Very Much Mr. Wroot but i have to use that on Linux but i tried it on wildfire 3.0.0 with latest downloaded version of Iball chat monitor but still unable to find any link of Chat Logger in admin Console im too worried coz i have given solution to the company but still not providing that plz help me in windows or in Linux, Linux will be highly prefered plz make any solution on this, can i have ur MSN or Yahoo! messenger IDs. Thanks alot in advance

As i said it should be in Admin Console > Users / Groups > Chat Log Search

Are you using the latest plugin version? Try to redownload it.

I cant test it with linux. It works for me.

No, i cant give you MSN or other IM. I dont have much free time and i dont know what the problem is. I’'m not the developer of that plugin. Try contacting the author http://sourceforge.net/users/hoehnku/