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Unauthorized client logging


I’m currently implementing Openfire version 3.6.3 into use for our oganization. The issue I’m coming into now is that we have customized the Spark client version to utilize a different name so for version checking. I have the client management plugin installed and this does do the job of not allowing any unauthorized clients from connecting and using the OpenFire server. If anyone with a non customzied version attempts to login it is forced off.

What we are looking for though is a log of the event of the forced log off. I was able to find an event in the Debug log while testing this.

2009.03.03 10:33:59 Closed connection to client attempting to connect from Spark IM Client

The issue with it as you can see is that there is no real information available as to answer the main question of who was attempting to log in with an unauthorized version of the spark client. Also that this log entry was only found in the debug log file which if left running 24x7 would grow uncontrollable in size. I was wondering if it was possible to have this log somewhere else such as the info log and if it could be at least sightly more descriptive as to the user who logged in and then was forced off of the openfire server.

Thanks for any input you may have.


Unfortunately there’s currently no way to configure the plugin to do what you’re looking. But, but it would certainly be possible to modify the plugin so that it could record additional information about unsuccessful login attempts to a different file/location.