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Understanding the Admin Console

I cannot find much documentation for the Admin Console of Openfire. In particular, I would like some help interpretting what I see in the Server Information screen.

Next to Server Name, I have a warning symbol (! inside a yellow triangle). What does that indicate?

What are the consequences of changing the Server Name field?

In the Server Ports list, next to port 5222 I see a yellow lock displayed. What is that actually indicating? I am not requiring SSL connections at this time. My settings are “Custom”.

Thanks much.


Craig Flowers

The padlock does not mean that you are using a secure connection it is telling you that is an option. The hazzard symbol by the name implies that there is something wrong with the name. It should be the Fully Qualified Domain Name of the server as it is listed in DNS.

Ah, thank you.

I did have a FQDN in the name field but the server has a few aliases. I suspect, between installation and configuration someone used different names. Nonetheless, Openfire was working fine. I changed the name field to the more appropriate alias for the server and the hazzard sign went away.