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Unexpcted unavailable presence


I have a problem similar to the one described in this topic.

I have experinced it using both Openfire 4.2.3 and 4.2.1.

I have written an XMPP Java application using Smack libraries. The behaviour that I have is the following:

if I run my program, then I stop it and restart it again (using the same client full JID); after some time, the client receives an unavailable presence from the server and goes offline (also if the connection is not disconnected). I suppose that this happens because the server closes the previous session, but this set as offline the current user (as said in that topic indicated before).

Is there a way to handle this? Some server configuration?

At a first step, I’d try disabling Stream Management to see if that helps. Set stream.management.active to false (until you upgrade to Openfire 4.3.x)